A place with its insides torn out. Methodically. Mechanically. 

Empty houses built without doors: a suburban shooting range.

A dead menagerie caught between two states of categorisation.

A single fallen tree in a forest born to die.


Using photography and moving image my work explores how ideas of temporality and transience relate to location. The work often exists within the guise of the document, but things are not what they seem: solid structures unravel as facade or folly; mutually opposed forces are exposed and unfixed. I am compelled to explore this confusion of definition: where a site or idea slips from being one thing to another, becoming simultaneously neither and both, pushing and pulling the viewer into new states within the seemingly familiar.


I have exhibited internationally showing work in solo and group exhibitions in public venues in the UK, Czech Republic, France, Iceland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. I have also undertaken major residencies in Europe including at the Centre of Contemporary Arts, Prague, Czech Republic; Staranzano, Italy; and Edsvik Konsthall, Sweden.


I am Senior Lecturer in Fine Arts at the University of West England, Bristol, UK.